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 +====== Sample-Connections: Feedback module SX-GB-8 with integrated occupancy detectors for the Sx-bus ======
 +===== The SX-GB-8 is not anymore available. =====
 +[[:en:ab_nml|> To overview: sample connections from not anymore available components and versions]]\\
 +[[:en:anschlussbeispiele|> To overview: sample connections for all available components]]\\
 +{{  :de:cad:page_142.gif  }} 
 +^__//description//__  ^__//file//__  ^__//edition//__  |
 +|**Track occupied feedback with one isolated rail**   |**{{:de:anschlussbeispiele:page_141.pdf|page_141}}  **  |**06/2003**  |
 +^Some feedback modules connected to the Sx-bus  ^{{:de:anschlussbeispiele:page_142.pdf|page_142}}   ^06/2003  |
 +|**Occupancy detection with SX-GB-8 at a reversing loop with KSM-SG**   |**{{:de:anschlussbeispiele:page_967.pdf|page_967}}  **  |**11/2016**  |
 +\\ \\ 
 +Subject to technical changes and errors.\\  © 2016 by LDT\\ \\ <sub> Märklin and Motorola are registered trade marks.</sub> \\ \\
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