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 +====== Legal Doping: HSI-88 ======
 +=== High Speed Interface for the s88-feedbackbus! ===
 +The **HSI-88** is an **INTERFACE** between the **s88-feedbackbus** and the **RS 232**- serial port of a Personal Computer.
 +The interface includes **three s88 bus-plugs**. This offers the advantage **of a much faster s88 bus handling** and the possibility to build up **three bus-lines** at the system!\\
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 +====== Features of the HSI-88 ======
 +    * **Fast** (9600Baud), **galvanically** isolated **connection to the computer** via the serial port (RS232). Is there no free serial port available on your model railroad computer please ask at your computer shop about an "USB to RS232" converter. With this cable you can use an USB port as an additional serial port.
 +    * The **3 feedback lines** additionally **enhance** the **reading** of the s88-feedback bus by 3-times.
 +    * **3 feedback lines** will give you the advantage of a **simple arrangement**  of the feedback modules below your layout.
 +    * It is possible to monitor **a total of 31*16 feedback contacts** with one bus-line or divided onto the three bus-lines.
 +    * Besides **all standard-feedback-modules** such as **s88** from **Märklin** or our [[:en:rm-88-n|RM-88-N]] / [[:en:rm-dec-88|RM-DEC-88]] you can naturally operate on the **HSI-88** as well our feedback modules witch optocoupling [[:en:rm-88-n-o|RM-88-N-O]] / [[:en:rm-dec-88|RM-DEC-88-Opto]] and our feedback modules with integrated track occupancy report [[:en:rm-gb-8-n|RM-GB-8-N]] / [[:en:rm-gb-8|RM-GB-8]].\\
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 +==== Correct connection of the s88-standard feedback cables of all three feedback lines to the High Speed Interface HSI-88: Right hand and at the middle an  interference-free twisted s88-standard bus cable from our delivery program. Left hand a ribbon-cable from Märklin or other manufacturer. ====
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 +==== With the adapter Adap-HSI-s88-N is it possible to connect s88-Feedback Modules such as RM-88-N, RM-88-N-O or RM-GB-8-N directly via the screened Patch-Kabel to the HSI-88 in accordance to s88-N. For this connection shall be the Adapter Adap-HSI-s88-N simply plugged onto the three  6-poles pinbar of the HSI-88. ====
 +    * The **HSI-88** operates **event-driven**: any changes on the tracks **are reported immediate to the PC**. This **saves substantial PC resources** and **reduces the response time considerable** because the pc has not to request cyclical about changes but gets all **updated** changes **reported from the interface**.
 +    * If you want to use an own written **model rail way software** for the communikation with the interface HSI-88 you can be found the relevant **commands** within the next section.
 +    * This finished module in a case comes with a **24 month warranty**.
 +    *  Each **High Speed Interface HSI-88** will be supplied with a detailed operating- /assembly-instruction. Those instruction can be found within the next section.
 +    * The **High Speed Interface HSI-88** is available as checked **finished module in a case (-G)**. 
 +    * Each Interface **HSI-88** comes with a  9-pole pc-connection cable.
 +====== Downloads ======
 +Instructions regarding this article can be found here: [[:en:dl_hsi_88|Downloads HSI-88]].\\
 +Instructions for all LDT-Components can be found here: [[:en:downloads|Overview Downloads]].
 +====== Sample-Connections ======
 +Sample-connections regarding this article can be found here: [[:en:ab_hsi_88|Sample-Connections HSI-88]].\\
 +Sample-connections for all LDT-Components can be found here: [[:en:anschlussbeispiele|Overview Sample-Connections]].\\
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 +====== Add to Wish List / Prices ======
 +**Attention: Products can only be added to the Wish List, if you are registered as customer at the LDT WebShop or if you are initially registered by interest of our products.**
 +^{{:de:images:noticelist_m.png}} |<html>Add to <b><u class="linkit" onclick="toNoticeList('030313');">Wish List</u></b></html>: **HSI-88-G (Part-No.: 030313): High Speed Interface** for the **s88-feedbackbus** as a\\ **finished module in a case** (**94,50 €***).\\ {{:de:images:blindgif.gif?580x1}} \\  ** * All prices incl. VAT, plus Shipping.**  |
 +====== HSI-88 compatibility list: ======
 +Please see in the table below which **model railway software** already supports the **High Speed Interface**:
 +^Brand ^ Company/Internet Site ^  HSI-88  \\ compatible  ^  from  \\ version  |
 +^Railroad & Co. |Freiwald Software [[https://www.freiwald.com|www.freiwald.com]]  \\  |  yes  |  4.1  |
 +^Railware |Railware Andrea Hinz [[https://railware.de|railware.de]]  \\ Installation notes: [[:en:hsi-88_railware|HSI-88 and Railware]]  |  yes  |  2.4  |
 +^Soft-Lok |Firma Schapals [[https://www.softlok.de|www.softlok.de]]  |  not yet  |  -  |
 +^WIN-Digipet |Dr. Peterlin [[https://www.windigipet.de|www.windigipet.de]]  |  yes  |  7.6  |
 +^Koploper |P. Haagsma [[https://www.pahasoft.nl|www.pahasoft.nl]]  |  yes  |  -  |
 +^railX |W. Schwickardi [[http://www.railX.de|www.railX.de]]  |  yes  |  5.30  |
 +^RocRail |[[https://wiki.rocrail.net/doku.php|wiki.rocrail.net]]  |  yes  |  0.25  |
 +^DDL - DigitalDirect for Linux |[[http://www.vogt-it.com/OpenSource/DDL/|www.vogt-it.com/OpenSource/DDL/]]  |  not yet  |  -  |
 +^iTain |[[https://www.berros.eu/en/itrain|www.berros.eu/itrain]]  |  yes  |  1.1  |
 +^ModellStw |[[http://www.modellstw.eu|www.modellstw.eu]]  |  yes  |  6.10  |
 +[[:en:hsi-88#legal_doping:hsi-88|{{  :de:images:zurueck_en_page.png?40x32}}]] Subject to technical changes and errors.\\
 +© 2019 by LDT
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