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 +====== Sample-Connections: Feedback module RM-88-N-O (3-rail conductor) ======
 +[[:en:anschlussbeispiele_zentralen|> To overview: sample connections sorted by digital command stations]]\\
 +[[:en:anschlussbeispiele_komponenten|> To overview: sample connections sorted by digital components]]\\
 +[[:en:rm-88-n-o|> To product description: RM-88-N-O]]\\
 +[[:en:produkte#s88-feedback_bus|> To product selection: s88-feedback bus]]\\
 +{{  :de:cad:page_668.gif  }} 
 +^__//description//__  ^__//file//__  ^__//edition//__  |
 +|**Combinations of s88-standard connections and bus connections according to s88-N via patch cable**   |**{{:de:anschlussbeispiele:page_1780.pdf|page_1780}}  **  |**06/2017**  |
 +^Feedback via switch track  ^{{:de:anschlussbeispiele:page_667.pdf|page_667}}   ^06/2017  |
 +|**Feedback via contact rail**   |**{{:de:anschlussbeispiele:page_668.pdf|page_668}}  **  |**06/2017**  |
 +^Feedback via reed contact  ^{{:de:anschlussbeispiele:page_669.pdf|page_669}}   ^06/2017  |
 +|**Feedback via contact track with interference suppression diode**   |**{{:de:anschlussbeispiele:page_671.pdf|page_671}}  **  |**06/2017**  |
 +^Feedback via contact track with separating and interference suppression diode  ^{{:de:anschlussbeispiele:page_898.pdf|page_898}}   ^06/2017  |
 +|**Feedback via contact rail with ac power supply**   |**{{:de:anschlussbeispiele:page_785.pdf|page_785}}  **  |**06/2017**  |
 +^Feedback via contact rail with dc power supply  ^{{:de:anschlussbeispiele:page_1440.pdf|page_1440}}   ^06/2017  |
 +|**Feedback via contact track and track section switched off (voltage free)**   |**{{:de:anschlussbeispiele:page_1427.pdf|page_1427}}  **  |**06/2017**  |
 +^Turnout feedback from Viessmann drive 4554  ^{{:de:anschlussbeispiele:page_1112.pdf|page_1112}}   ^06/2017  |
 +|**Turnout feedback from Viessmann drive 4558**   |**{{:de:anschlussbeispiele:page_1710.pdf|page_1710}}  **  |**06/2017**  |
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