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Here you can have a look at detailed operating instructions, assembly instructions and information files for all our products or you can download them onto your PC.
There is also our complete catalogue, novelty informations and current price list as well as an order form available for downloading.
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Downloads from not anymore available Components and Versions can be found here.

Topics and Components

Topic / Component
Turnout-Decoder S-DEC-4
Turnout-Decoder 1-DEC-DC for single coil drive turnouts
Permanent Power Switch Unit DSU for S-DEC-4 and TT-DEC
Switch-Decoder SA-DEC-4
Turnout-Decoder for motor driven turnouts M-DEC
Light-Signal Decoder LS-DEC-DB
Light-Signal Decoder LS-DEC-DR
Light-Signal Decoder LS-DEC-KS
Light-Signal Decoder LS-DEC-OEBB
Light-Signal Decoder LS-DEC-SBB
Light-Signal Decoder LS-DEC-NS
Light-Signal Decoder LS-DEC-NMBS
Light-Signal Decoder LS-DEC-BR
Light-Signal Decoder LS-DEC-FS
Light-Signal Decoder LS-DEC-SJ
Light-Signal Decoder LS-DEC-SNCF
Light-Signal Decoder LS-DEC-CFL
Light-Signal Decoder LS-DEC-USA
Light-Signal Decoder LS-DEC-CSD
Light-Signal Decoder LS-DEC-8x2
Adapter Adap-LS for Light-Signal-Decoder LS-DEC
Train-Influence-Module ZBM for Light-Signal-Decoder
Decoder for Switchboard Lights (GBS-DEC) / s88-ClockMaster
TurnTable-Decoder TT-DEC
TurnTable-Decoder TT-DEC-R with Roco Turntable 42615
WatchDog-Decoder WD-DEC
Feedback module RM-88-N for the s88-feedback bus
Feedback module RM-88-N-O for the s88-feedback bus
Feedback module RM-GB-8-N with integrated occupancy detectors for the s88-feedback bus
Data-Switch DSW-88-N for the s88-feedback bus
S88 extended connection-cable for feedback modules
Feedback module RS-16-O with optocoupler for the RS-feedback bus
Feedback module RS-8 with integrated occupancy detectors for the RS-feedback bus
Digitalzentrale DiCoStation (DirectCommandStation)
High-Speed-Interface HSI-88-USB for the s88-feedback bus
Adap-HSI-s88-N for the Interfaces HSI-88, HSI-88-USB and DiCoStation for s88-bus connections according to s88-N
DigitalBooster DB-2 for Märklin-Motorola, mfx®, M4 and DCC
DigitalBooster DB-4 for Märklin-Motorola, mfx®, M4 and DCC
Booster Keep Sepatare Module BTM-SG
Soldering instruction for all kits
Case LDT-01 for LDT-Components
Case LDT-02 for LDT-Components
Track occupancy detector GBM-8 for the Roco Feedbackmodule 10787
Reverse-Loop Module KSM-SG for digital operation (all formats)
Interfaces for the PC-Light Control Light@Night
Layout-Light-Control Light-DEC for analogue and digital model railway layouts
Light-Module for the Light Control Light@Night and Light-DEC
Components for the Transponder Technology (RFID): COL-10, TD-88, INTER-10 and SNG-10
SupplyBox SB-4
General product-catalogue, Novelty informations, Price list and Order form

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