Data switch for the s88-feedback bus from the Digital-Professional-Series !

The Data switch DSW-88 is not anymore available.

Please select the successor Data switch DSW-88-N.

The data switch DSW-88 acts as a Y-cable which can divide the s88-bus. The above shown cable connects the module to the digital control unit and the two below s88-cables are the two new s88-feedback lines, one to the right and one to the left side (see example above).

Normally the s88-feedback bus expects all connected feedback modules behind each others in one line. The Dataswitch DSW-88 provides the possibility to split the s88-feedback output!

For example: Your command station has been placed into the middle of the model railroad layout you do not need anymore to install a long feedback ring. You can now easily spilt the output after the data switch for a separate left or right feedbackline.

Is the data switch DSW-88 connected directly to the command station (here Intellibox) is it possible to build two feedback lines for left- and right-hand installation below the layout. If you require another splitting you can just insert one more data switch DSW-88 into the line.

Features of the DSW-88

  • The data switch DSW-88 is applicable on all installation where the s88-bus is used for the feedback (Märklin-Memory, Märklin-Interface, TWIN-CENTER, High-Speed-Interface HSI-88).
  • No additional power supply is required for the data switch DSW-88.
  • The feedback informations will be transfered through the data switch without any delay.
  • Each reading of feedback information started by the command station will report the information of all connected feedback modules to the central unit. First reading will be the information of the left line. Following the data switch will change to the right feedback line for transfer of those informations.
  • The data switch DSW-88 is compatible with all s88-feedback modules available on the market.
  • We offer at low cost connection cables for the s88-feedback bus: under the order code Kabel s88 0,5m, Kabel s88 1m and Kabel s88 2m are at 0,5m, 1m respectively 2 meter length interference protected, twisted connection cables available.


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