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Light-Signal Decoder for up to 4 light signals of Czechoslovakian National Railway (CSD)

for train signals equipped with LED (light emitting diodes) for the data formats Märklin-Motorola and DCC of our Digital-Professional-Series !


You can purchase the Light-Signal Decoder LS-DEC-CSD from us as a finished module in a case.

Features of the LS-DEC-CSD

Realistic switching of light-signals via accessory addresses:

  • With the Light-Signal Decoder LS-DEC is it possible to switch light signals via accessory addresses. Ideal for Digital Central Units which are switching turnout tracks and Model Railway Layouts which are controlled by PC and control software. The signal wiring will be simply connected to the signal-module by practical and secure clamps.
  • With the Light-Signal Decoder LS-DEC-CSD can be up to four departure- and home-signals, advance-signals, block-signals and as well shunting-signals connected and controlled.

Sample Connection 1: Connection of Station-Entry Signals and their Advance Signals.

Sample Connection 2: Connection of Exit-, Shunting- and Block Signals.

  • Signal images will not be simply switched-over but switched as in reality. There will be the signal lamps used for the next signal aspect will remain switched-on. The light emitting diodes (LED) or incandescent lamps which have to be switched-off or -over by changing the signal aspect will be dimmed up or down.
  • With series resistors for the light emitting diodes integrated within the Light-Signal Decoder LS-DEC.
  • Suitable for all LED-light signals with common anode or common cathode.
  • The signal current has not necessarily to be supplied by a booster but can be directly feeded into a separate input from a model railroad transformer. This saves expensive digital current.
  • With a jumper you can select if the decoder shall operate on a Märklin-Motorola system or on a digital system with DCC Standard.
  • Decoder of the Digital-Professional-Series can be used on your digital system without any problems because they are compatible to the Märklin-Motorola-Data format respectively to the DCC Standard.
  • The finished module in a case comes with 24 month warranty.
  • Each decoder LS-DEC-CSD will be supplied with a detailed operating-instruction.
  • You can purchase the Light-Signal Decoder as tested finished module in a case (-G).


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Add to Wish List: LS-DEC-CSD-G (Part-No.: 510513): Light-Signal Decoder for CSD-Signals as a
finished module in a case (56,90 €*).

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(All decoders are suitable for Märklin-Motorola and DCC digital-model rail roads.)

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