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As supplement to the Switchboard Light-Decoder GBS-DEC-s88 for the operation without digital command station or PC with model railway software

The s88-ClockMaster is available as finished module in a case.

Features of the s88-ClockMaster

  • The Switchboard Light-Decoder GBS-DEC-s88 is able to “monitor” the s88-Feedback Bus and can switch directly the lights at the display panel of the corresponding track sections according to incoming occupancy information. If as well turnout positions will be registered via the s88-Feedback Module, the turnout-symbols at the display panel will indicate the actual turnout position.
  • If the display panel will be operated without connection to a digital command station or without a PC with model railway software is a timing generator for the s88-feedback bus required. This feature will be provided by the s88-ClockMaster.

Sample connection 1: The s88-ClockMaster in correlation to the Switchboard Light-Decoder GBS-DEC-s88.

  • In total is it possible to operate 32 16-fold or 64 8-fold s88-Feedback Modules with one s88-ClockMaster.
  • The Service Module GBS-Service is required for all adjustments at the Switchboard Light-Decoder GBS-DEC-s88. The Service Module GBS-Service can be as well attached to the s88-ClockMaster for the adjustment of the quantity of the available s88-Feedback Modules.

Sample connection 2: Attaching the Service Module GBS-Service.

  • You can purchase the 88-ClockMaster as tested finished module in a case (-G). Suitable assembly material can be found under Accessories.
  • Each s88-ClockMaster will be supplied with a detailed operating–instruction. Those instructions can be found within the next section.
  • The finished module in a case comes with a 24 month warranty.


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