Application of LDT Feedback-Modules with the Central Station 3 plus (60216).

The s88-connection of the Central Station 3 plus is located at the lower side and supplies a s88-bus-voltage of 12 Volt: cs3_60216_ic.jpg

  • The Feedback-Modules RM-88-N and RM-88-N-O can be operated with a s88-bus-voltage of 12V at the s88-connection of the CS3 plus.
  • The Feedback-Module RM-GB-8-N shall not be operated with the s88 connection of the CS3. With a s88-bus-voltage will be the electric of the RM-GB-8-N destroyed. Feedback-Modules RM-GB-8-N at the CS3 plus can only operate via the Märklin Module L88 with a setting of a s88-bus-voltage of 5V.
LDT s88-Feedback Module: 12V
RM-88-N Yes
RM-88-N-O Yes
RM-GB-8-N No

Extending CS3 plus with Märklin Module L88:

The CS3 plus can be extended by the Module L88 (60883) with three connections for s88 Feedback Modules.

The s88-bus-voltage of 5V or 12V can be adjusted with the sliding switch on the L88:

  • The Feedback-Modules RM-88-N, RM-88-N-O, RM-DEC-88 and RM-DEC-88-O can be optional operated with 5V or 12V s88-Bus-Voltage.
  • The Feedback-Modules RM-GB-8-N and RM-GB-8 shall be operated only with a 5V s88-Bus-Voltage. With a s88-Bus-Voltage of 12V the modules will be electrically destroyed.
s88-Bus-Voltage off the L88
LDT s88-Feedback Module: 5V 12V
RM-88-N Yes Yes
RM-88-N-O Yes Yes
RM-DEC-88 Yes Yes
RM-DEC-88-O Yes Yes
RM-GB-8-N Yes No
RM-GB-8 Yes No

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