RM-DEC-88 and RM-DEC-88-O

16-fold feedback modules

100% compatible with the s88 from our Digital-Professional-Series !
The feedback modules RM-DEC-88 and RM-DEC-88-O are not anymore available.

Please select the successor modules RM-88-N or the RM-88-N-O.

RM-DEC-88 Opto and RM-DEC-88 for MEMORY, INTERFACE and Intellibox / TWIN-CENTER with 75cm connection cable.

Features of the RM-DEC-88 and RM-DEC-88-O

  • For connection to: INTERFACE (up to 31 modules), MEMORY (up to 3 modules), Intellibox/TWIN-CENTER (up to 31 modules) and our High Speed Interface HSI-88 (up to 31 modules).
  • The feedback modules RM-DEC-88 and RM-DEC-88 Opto can be combined with the s88 feedback modules from Märklin and other manufacturers as required.
  • Simple and secure connection of switch rails, contact rails, occupancy sensors or reed-contacts by screw clips.
  • The RM-DEC-88 Opto is equipped with additional opto coupler and therefore extremely protected against interference.
  • Our feedback modules RM-DEC-88 and RM-DEC-88 Opto from our Digital-Professional-Series can be operated without any difficulty from your digitally controlled model railroad as these decoders are 100% compatible with the feedback module s88.
  • Suitable installation material can be ordered under: accessories.
From the table below you can see which feedback module may be used with the contacts of your model railroad:
Kind of contacts RM-DEC-88 RM-DEC-88 Opto
Circuit-track(3-conductor rail system) X X
Contact-track (3-conductor rail system) X X
Reed-contact, Occupancy detector with relay output
(2-conductor and 3-conductor rail system)
Track contact-switch (2-conductor rail system) X
Connection cable between contacts and feedback module
more than 2 meters (2-conductor and 3-conductor rail system)
Occupancy detector on a 2-conductor rail system
(with additional module see description below)
Better to use our octal feedback module with
integrated occupancy detection (RM-GB-8-N).
Turnout-feedback (with additional module-
see description below)
  • Track occupancy detection at two-rail 2-conductor systems: Contrary to the Märklin 3-conductor rail-system can the occupancy of direct-current rails only be reliably realized with electronic circuitry which measure the current at the track section. For this application is it recommended to use our 8-fold feedback module with integrated track occupancy monitor (RM-GB-8-N ). In case you integrated already some occupancy circuits you can combine those with our feedback modules RM-DEC-88-Opto provided that the occupancy circuits have no potential-free outputs. Four of such modules can be connected directly to a feedback module RM-DEC-88-Opto and report the occupancy situation of 16 track sections to the control unit. If the occupancy monitor has potential-free report outputs (e.g. relay contacts) you can apply our feedback module RM-DEC-88.
  • Feedback from turnouts: If you require the feedback of the actual turnout position to the control unit (or personal computer) you can apply our feedback module RM-DEC-88-Opto. For further information please attend to our description under Feedback of the turnout position.
  • Extended connection cable: All LDT feedback modules will be supplied ex factory together with a 75 cm interference protected, twisted s88-bus cable.
Additionally we offer connection cables at low cost:
s88-standard connection with 2 original s88-plugs,
gray cable, twisted, round. Plus pin bar for bus extension.
Kabel s88 0,5m
Kabel s88 1m
Kabel s88 2m


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Sample-Connections RM-DEC-88 and RM-DEC-88-O.
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