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Permanent Power Switch Unit (DSU)

The way to switch digital (e.g. illuminations)!


Features of the DSU

  • Permanent Power Switch Units (DSU) can be connected directly to each output of our Turnout Decoder S-DEC-4.
  • Very easily you can now operate digitally turnout-lights or road-/ house-illuminations.
  • As the Permanent Power Switch Unit DSU measures only 38 x 27 x 15 mm it can be very easily installed in buildings etc.
  • Simple and secure connection to our Turnout Decoder S-DEC-4 and to any source of lights by screw clips.

Permanent Power Switch DSU at the output 2 of the Turnout-Decoder S-DEC-4 for switching of turnout illumination.

  • If the Permanent Power Switch DSU will be combined with the Turntable-Decoder TT-DEC will at a 2-conductor turntable bridge the polarity automatically changed at any 180 degree turning.

Permanent Power Switch DSU at the TurnTable-Decoder TT-DEC for the turntable bridge polarity change on Fleischmann 2-conductor turntables.

  • A ready to use finished module for a maximum load of up to 2A (two switch contacts with up to 1A each).
  • The permanent power switch unit DSU is equipped with a bistable relay which ‘stores’ the short switch-over impulses of the turnout decoder S-DEC-4. This allows the lights to be switched permanently on or off.
  • Each permanent power switch unit DSU will be supplied with a detailed operation-/ assembly instruction.
    Those instructions can be found within the next section.
  • The finished module comes with 24 month warranty.


Instructions regarding this article can be found here: Downloads DSU.
Instructions for all LDT-Components can be found here: Overview Downloads.

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