KeyCommander: Creates a digital switch command by a key stroke e.g. for turnout- or signal decoder!

The KeyCommander is not anymore available.

Features of the KeyCom

  • Analogue controlled layouts required previously a considerable large effort of wiring to switch turnouts and signals. For each turnout-drive it was required to install a minimum of two wires from the drive to the turnout control key.
  • Thanks to the KeyCommander (KeyCom) it is now possible to use the advantage of simple wiring of a digital layout on your analogue layout.
  • The KeyCommander translates a key-stroke into a digital switch command (data format Märklin-Motorola or DCC). Just two wires will transmit the information to a turnout decoder installed near the turnout which will switch the turnout as required.
  • The key switch information will come via the 16-fold standard feedback module (RM-88-N / RM-DEC-88) to the KeyCommander. The digital information created by the KeyCommander (KeyCom) will come via a standard digital booster (DB-2) to the turnout- and signal decoder. Therefore are low-cost standard digital components in action. Those components can be eventually used for a real digital layout in future.

With the KeyCommander is it possible to switch as well drive ways by keystroke.
Previously was it possible to program up to 8 drive ways. After the function extension (novelty 2013) is now the programming of max. 16 drive ways possible.
  • For each turnout drive way can be 16 digital addresses transmitted for switching turnouts or signals. For the required adjustments is it possible to adapt a ServiceModule with LCD-display and control keys to the KeyCommander.

KeyCommander with adapted ServiceModule (GBS-Service) for system adjustments.

  • The finished module in a case comes with 24 month warranty.
  • Each KeyCommander will be supplied with a detailed operating-/respectively assembly instruction. Those instructions can be found within the next section.


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Sample-connections regarding this not anymore available article can be found here:
Sample-Connections KeyCommander.
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