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LDT-Digital components for TRIX Mobile Station 2 (Märklin-Motorola-Format)

Within the following listing you can find all products of our company. By activating a particular link you will receive detailed information and the possibility to order the article.

Further overviews about our products:


At the section “Switching” our program offers decoders for the digital format of Märklin-Motorola.

Turnout Decoder

  • S-DEC-4: 4-fold turnout decoder for Märklin-Motorola and DCC Digital with a self-learning decoder address.
    With an external power supply possibility.
  • DSU: Permanent-Power-Switch-Unit as accessory for the turnout decoder S-DEC-4 and for the turntable decoder TT-DEC.

Switch Decoder

  • SA-DEC-4: 4-fold switch decoder with 4 bistable relays with each 2 Amp. switching power.
    With self learning decoder address and external power supply possibility.

Turnout-Decoder for motor driven turnouts

  • M-DEC: 4-fold decoder for motor driven turnouts with self-learning decoder address and
    external power supply possibility.

Light-Signal Decoder

4-fold Light signal decoder with a self-learning decoder address and external power supply.

  • LS-DEC-DB: Light-Signal Decoder (Deutsche Bundesbahn).
  • LS-DEC-DR: Light-Signal Decoder (Deutsche Reichsbahn).
  • LS-DEC-KS: Light-Signal Decoder (Deutsche Bahn).
  • LS-DEC-ÖBB: Light-Signal Decoder (Austrian Federal Railway).
  • LS-DEC-SBB: Light-Signal Decoder (Swiss Federal Railway).
  • LS-DEC-NS: Light-Signal Decoder (Nederlandse Spoorwegen).
  • LS-DEC-NMBS: Light-Signal Decoder (Nationale Maatschapping of the Belgian Spoorwegen).
  • LS-DEC-BR: Light-Signal Decoder (British Railway).
  • LS-DEC-FS: Light-Signal Decoder (Governmental Railway Corporation of Italy – Ferrovie dello Stato).
  • LS-DEC-SJ: Light-Signal Decoder (Swedish State Railway).
  • LS-DEC-SNCF: Light-Signal Decoder (Governmental Railway Corporation of French - Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français).
  • LS-DEC-CFL: Light-Signal Decoder (National Railway Company of Luxembourg).
  • LS-DEC-USA: Light-Signal Decoder (for American Color Light Signals).
  • LS-DEC-CSD: Light-Signal Decoder (Czechoslovakian National Railway).
  • LS-DEC-8x2: Light-Signal Decoder (for eight 2-aspect Light Signals).

Adapter for Light-Signal Decoder

  • Adap-LS-A: Adapter for light signal decoder LS-DEC for light signals with incandescent lamps,
    light signals with incandescent lamps and light emitting diodes with common anodes.
  • Adap-LS-K: Adapter for light signal decoder LS-DEC for light signals with light emitting diodes
    with common cathodes.

Train Influence Module for Light-Signal Decoder

  • ZBM: 4-fold train influence module for 4 stop sections. Cuts off the driving power supply if signal is on red.


  • TT-DEC-R: The Turntable-Decoder TT-DEC-R is suitable for the digital control of the Roco H0 Turntable 42615.
  • TT-DEC: The Turntable-Decoder TT-DEC is suitable for the digital control of Fleischmann-Turntables 6052, 6152, 6154, 6651, 9152, 6680 (with and without ”C”), 6652 (with 3-rail conductor), the Roco Turntable 35900 and the Märklin-Turntable 7286.
  • DSU: Permanent-Power-Switch-Unit will change the polarity of a 2-conductor turntable bridge at every 180 degree turning of the turntable if combined with the TurnTable-Decoder TT-DEC.

Decoder for Switchboard Lights

  • GBS-DEC: The Decoder for Switchboard Lights GBS-DEC supplies current to the light emitting diodes or to the incandescent lamps of the track switchboard panel. The GBS-DEC is available for the digital formats Märklin-Motorola and DCC as well for the s88-feedback bus. The Decoder for Switchboard Lights GBS-DEC consist of a GBS-Master Module, a GBS-Display Module and the GBS-Service Module.
  • s88-ClockMaster: As a supplement to the Switchboard Light-Decoder GBS-DEC to be used without a digital command station or without a PC with model railway software.


  • DB-4: The DigitalBooster DB-4 provides 2.5 or 4.5 Ampere digital current. Via the galvanic separated booster bus (5-poles-, CDE- and Roco-booster bus) is it possible to connect it to the command station and amplifies the digital formats Märklin-Motorola, mfx®, M4 and DCC.

Booster Keep Separate Module

  • BTM-SG: Provides a secure electrical separation of booster current circuits.
    Suitable for all digital formats, all command stations and boosters.


  • SB-4: Practical unit for the direct current supply from switched mode mains power supply.


Here you can find e.g. Assembly Material, Casings or Bus cable for our Components.

  • MON-SET: For fitting devices underneath the layout we supply suitable installation material consisting of four spacers each 5mm long and four 13mm screws.
  • LDT-01: The small elegant practical case for several LDT-components. Suitable for: 1-DEC-DC (from version 2), Adap-CDE, Adap-Roco, COL-10, DB-2, DSW-88-N, GBM-8, HSI-88(-USB), KeyCom, KSM-SG, LS-DEC, M-DEC (from version 2), RM-88-N, RM-88-N-O, RS-16-O, s88-CM, S-DEC-4, SA-DEC-4, SB-4, TD-88, TT-DEC(-R), BTM-SG, WD-DEC and ZBM.
  • LDT-02: The big elegant practical case for LDT-components.
    Suitable for: DB-4, RM-GB-8-N and RS-8 (from version 3.2).
  • Kabel Booster: 5-poles booster bus-cable (1m) with twisted wires and interference protected for the connection of command stations (e.g. Control Unit, Central Station 2, Intellibox, TWIN-CENTER) with boosters (e.g. 6015 / 6017, Power 3, TWIN-BOOSTER, DB-2, DB-4) and for connecting boosters to each other.
  • Ferrite pearls: For the elimination of disturbance caused by turnouts with integrated end switches.
  • Electronic articles: Electronic articles for Model-Railroader.
  • Electronic Spare Parts: Electronic Spare Parts for LDT-Components.

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